Robot Party - so my older brother came over the other day with...

so my older brother came over the other day with this little guy, I have no clue boy or girl, but he brought it for my grandma to pick up but she doesnt really want her

I want to keep him now, thanks to all you people with fish influencing me :T but he’s a really pretty red and blue in the light, greenish not

If she really doesnt want them, I’m going to ask her for the 5 gallon tank she has because currently she and another little brown fish is in this


I really need to switch because yeah they’re getting really cold and depressed in the kitchen like this, why I cleaned my night stand for them

December 10, 2012     3 notes
  1. chugway said: AAHHH CUTIES! the betta looks like a male veiltail, although the raggedy bits may make him a crowntail if it’s not fin damage
  2. ms-ashri said: YES YES GOOD BETTAS EEEEEEE cutie veil tail too ;u;
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