ok but this was the best part of the comic

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My final for my Drawing II class, the prompt was “Our Human relationship with Technology” and because I am a little shit and I love robots way too much, I took it literally and wrote this little comic. Some things that I didn’t get to put in because of length and the fact that I finished this at 5AM today after not really sleeping. Her name is Gabrielle Garcia and she is really super into ceramics and pottery. She likes superheros and collects well made figurines. All of the S.E.R. robot models are named after the knights of the round table, the designers thought it was funny. He can be used as a wifi hotspot. 


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LOL A GUIDE TO PERFECT HEALTH now in stores near u……. 

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I’m sad how tumblr doesn’t let us talk much. Will you follow me on twitter? I’ll follow you back:

More comic essays like this can be read at:

Stephen’s comic essays get me so excited about drawing and thinking about comics…

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😪Post-it-Love-Note Taking Care of Sick Boyfriend Edition😪

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Ratchet and June comic - part 2

Link for Part 1.

"awesome you can get a transformer as a dad!" 

oh my godddd

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sweet theme, bro.