Aside from HINABN this is one of my favourite tutorials because she talks about Nearest Neighbour interpolation which is a huge lifesaver for anybody who uses the pencil tool.

Click the source link to see it at a readable size.

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gif tutorial


this is basically just me showing you how I gif. (dunderklumpen style? idek) I only ever read one tutorial long after I figured out how to gif, so we’ll see how this goes. there’s a section on the basics, but most of it is focused on the more interesting stuff like sharpening and colouring. or, how to make your gif look pretty. just one thing: a lot of the things I do are the result of linda and me challenging each other to become better gifmakers and constantly trying and combining new things.

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in my ask or browse my answered questions tag.

recommended software: photoshop cs5, the kmplayer and topaz clean

things that are in this tutorial:

giffing 101
1. capping and choosing the right caps/size
2. the basics in photoshop

more advanced things (or, how I gif)
3. using actions
4. (auto) sharpening
5. colouring
6. static background and other tips on saving kbs

7. psds

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Tumblr tips


last updated: 7 March 2012

Here are some useful extensions, scripts, and tutorials for Tumblr. Scripts require a simple, one click install for Google Chrome. Firefox users may need to download Greasemonkey first before installing scripts.

As far as I know, these scripts/extensions can work together. 

I’ll add more links as I think of them, and feel free to share your own tips or resources. 


  • Missing E - Probably the most popular Tumblr extension. Features: one click reblog/queue/drafts, automatically clears all tags when reblogging, adds tags to ask/reply, allows one click reply to comments, shuffle queue, adds timestamp to posts on your dashboard, replaces text (reblog, notes) with picture icons, and more. Downside: Tumblr apparently hates Missing E, and will try to scare you into disabling it.
  • Xkit - Similar to Missing E. Some additional features: Unfollower check, shorten long posts on dashboard, highlight key terms in posts, download mp3 from audio posts. 
  • Tumblr Savior - Blacklist tags that you do not want to see on your dashboard. Downside: Not everyone tags.

Some selections from a larger collection of scripts (please note that I don’t use all of these, so I don’t know which ones still work):

Within Tumblr:

Tumblr etiquette:

Your tumblr:

Tumblr theme cutomization:

For visitors:

For images:

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Feet are so complicated, much more so than hands, and we don’t even see feet that much unless it’s the summer and people are wearing sandals. I could probably draw like 10 pages on feet so … I hope I covered enough in this tutorial. For those of you who can’t draw feet, enjoy it

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drawing wings on humanoids tutorial

seriously the best goddamn tutorial i’ve EVER FOUND goddamn

thought maybe my good omens bros would appreciate it?


Reblogging it for any of my artistic followers who may be interested in this.

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How to rip or download music from Tumblr


Firefox web browser:

To download tumblr songs, Firefox should be your most-used internet browser. You’ll also need the Greasemonkey addon. Greasemonkey allows you to install third-party scripts to customize the way you view webpages. The script you will be using for downloading tumblr mp3s is Tumtaster. It creates download links below music players on tumblr that allow you to easily download any song you may come across. 


Google Chrome web browser:

Since the ‘Greasemonkey addon’ isn’t for Google Chrome, you’ll need to download the ‘Blank Canvas Script Handler’, which is bascially the GreaseMonkey add-on for chrome. Once you download that, it should auto-install. Once it has installed, you want to download ‘Tumtaster’, which is the application used to download tumblr songs. [NOTE: If you don’t have the Blank Canvas Script Handler installed, you wont be able to download ANY songs.] Once you’ve sucessfully downloaded the two applications above, open up a new tab, and go to a music post [on tumblr]. You should see something like the picture below. If you don’t, something’s wrong, and you should start over if necessary. 

If you see the ‘Click to download’ box below the audio player, click it! 

you should see a seperate player, in a new tab like this: 

If you see that, just Right Click anywhere on the player, and click ‘Save video as’ [Yes, I know it’s not a video, but it says that. It will save as a .mp3 [music file]]. 

and just rename the music file to your liking and You’re Done! If you’ve found this post helpful, please reblog!



I’m not sure if this works on other web browsers, but I know it works on Chrome, and Firefox for sure. ENJOY! 


UPDATE FOR CHROME: <- This is better alternative tumblr song downloading PLUGIN FOR CHROME.

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sweet theme, bro.